Pan Om was founded in 1986 as an "medievalternative" to PanAm



Miracle elder 


Hardly any other tree is surrounded by so many stories as Elder Tree. 


Since we are living in compost modernity today, at a time when a lot of conceptions end up on the manure heap of history, we should appreciate the help of that tree. In order to turn waste into good humus again, an expert gardener piles up the manure at the elderberry. And disused ideologies and religions can also become a fertilizer for the new culture, if implemented accordingly. 


In the medicine cabinet, elderflower tea and berry juice are used for fever, but not to lower it, but to heat it up so that this fire of cleansing with pathogens is cleared up and the crisis is overcome. 


Medicine, which could help a globally uprooted economy to find its way back to the ground, should also have the same effect! 


But let's start with ourselves! How we got to the elderberry is quickly told: 


In the' 70s we bought an old farm. We sat down "in the nettles", because the property had already come so "elderly" that the renovation took years. When they leave a farm, the elderberry will soon overgrow everything. The birds spread the seed around the walls and the roots loosen the foundations... We found it romantic and loved to listen to the old people in the village: The elder is a holy tree that you have to respect and whoever cuts it off dies in the same year... We died some (small) deaths to fill the farm with new life! And when it became too small for us, we went off.... ... landed at the next dilapidated elder farm.... 


And because the barn door was to open its wings again, a beautiful Holler tree had to be felled. But we talked to him and made a deal with him: He makes the way clear for our wagon and we help him to spread further in the country by transforming his wood into amulets and wands... 


We had no idea what we were getting into. You know that we are now travelling through historical markets, and maybe you already know our assortment of woodcarvings. The tree is taking our word for it, guiding our hands and opening our eyes...


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