Whoever wants to find, express, share, arrange, test, transform or get rid of ideas, 

can soon let the mill roll here with up to 12 other heads.


From summer 2021, we will offer a

co-working/living space

for digital nomads, freelancers and creatives.


"Those who work alone add, those who work together multiply." (I found on coworkland.com)



creativ & free











Please contact us for individual conditions! 



We hope for helpers and are open for long-term interested project partners.                    Our Place will be contact and meeting point for innovators - gladly also with their own mobile home.

From Möttingen train station on the Donauwörth-Nördlingen line it is only 2.5km to Kleinsorheim Mühlfeld - we will pick you up.


... dial +49 9083 760 or push your way forward: