Let us inspire people!

Step into our world of fantastic creations and mysterious toys for awakened people - do you feel a desire for "historical intercourse"?

Like on a medieval market we can meet in this stark net and learn from each other for free exchange...

 "Good Mood Wood" - designed, sculptured, engraved "objects of desire": What we read will affect us when we meet and feel an effect. We can only understand what we feel with our hands. Therefor we need own objects to be subjects of our own. Our "Gearwords" convey a kind of mantra that, when read round, opens up surprising new perspectives of the mind.  However, to protect our copyright, we offer these only as part of a personal consultation. Well, tell us your issue and it is sure that you will get a feedback.

"Free market economy, literally: Let's meet on the marketplace, show what we have to offer, exchange information, help each other: Long live the revaluation!                           Historically. Authentic. Free.

We are dedicated to cultivate trust in our common cause!

We simply and professionally discuss what fits to which event from our rich stock of small and large stands and attractions - and this does not always have to be a medieval market! The more we can (be happy) the less we must (be annoyed). We like to be called as a freelancer: +499083 760

Solo performance:

Woodwordworker Lupiter Crispus of Pan Om

Whether as a consultant in the context of a "(rom)antic seminar ", as a surprise at the themed party or as a guest speaker at the conference, audience animator for demanding markets:  spontaneously, interactively, provocatively, lovingly and with the help of own inventions, poems, sayings and word games you will be entertained entrely...


Just ask for a task!

The Cabinet for "Good Mood Wood" 4,30m x 6m

The beautiful ogival frieze with its "uplifting" slogan (here still the german version) stands out from the roofscape of the market. A highlight in the truest sense of the word simply brings "enlightenment".

And whoever steps under our hospitable roof will not hide his hands for a long time, there is so much to be touched and understood in a playful way: marble run, labyrinth, sand pendulum, gearwords and the legendary scent organ.

A huge assortment of small, mysterious and mystical curiosities, which are readily and (mostly) patiently explained to the "newcomers". Printmarks, moulds, amulets, wood decorations, beads, scentacles (developed and made by us) essential oils, glass marbles, bells (fair traded)...


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PyramidTowerCartStand 2,50m x 2,50m variable up to 6m x 3m