Here it goes round: Wisdom colored on a continuous line: >>> Work first, then the game? You can do a good job mixing them! <<<>>> I am who I am! With unconditional basic trust I also experience with you a nice crazy part of me <<<>>> You look for yourself - lonely, even in the crowd - like a lost word - take it up: a seed may be gone, a universe is all one! <<<>>> Who can be lonely and alone can also be one with everyone. <<<>>> Let go of your mistakes first, then save the solution! <<<>>> Always normal: no wise is normal! <<<>>> If you laugh at serious love, you're serious about life. <<<>>> Choose love for your profession, and work with your own conception. <<<>>> Artists are magicians who really don't need to hide their tricks. <<<>>> I think - therefore I link!<<<>>> Everyone only wants the one thing - but it doesn't work alone! Inspiration is the inverse sexual act - with equal probability of conception. <<<>>> No spring-board for the mind is a full bookshelf in the head. <<<>>> If God made the world with hammer and chisel, he also maddened us humans so that we can feel his work but not understand it. <<<>>> Only money and profit in mind, thoughts remain restrained and benevolence in violence! <<<>>> Recognized, named and banned. That's how sickness is canned. <<<>>> Fluky luck you pay with lack of fortune as torture! Happiness will not happen unless you are! <<<>>> The apple of self-knowledge is enough for me to plant a tree in my paradise. <<<>>>If you know, you must go! Otherwise stay in paradise! <<<>>> I'm the only one who can't run away when I ask for something impossible.<<<>>> What seems generally certain, could be a vilely curtain. <<<>>> Calculate everything into pieces, come too late for entirely peace. <<<>>> Call for revaluation: Fed up with anal-logic shit-production, let ´s dig it all as brain compost for vital action! <<<>>> Now we get used by older times to fullfill and finish all their rhymes. <<<

We see the show and it seems to be what we know.

Wood connects heaven and earth, bends to creative will, gives room for dreams and makes ideas comprehensible.

Old acquaintances

For almost a third century we as an artist family we are reviving the scenes on historical markets. Here on the net, we give our customers the opportunity to deepen their experience, make up for postponed purchases and prepare for their next encounter with us.


Time for action

.... what some misunderstand as an invitation to bargain is encouragement to comprehend! Every insight needs physical effort. We invent our craftsmanship with sensitivity and intuition and aim it at the consciousness, because we all have to spoon up the soup is being brewed in our collective mind!

New contacts

We like to use the possibilities of our time: such as laser technology refined for "light carving",  enables us to produce innovative and traditional applied art, from single pieces to serial production, also as order. Our art has many faces and we look forward to good, creative cooperation.

Two thousend twenty three: Towards the end event is free

In the hustle and bustle of the markets, much of what we offer is overlooked. As filigree as the gothic window rosettes are our subtle word games, engraved in native woods. And like in the old days, only a few born illiterate people find their way through, select a point of wisdom around which everything revolves. But now you have luckily found the click that gives you at least a glimpse of the finely polished elegance, which is just waiting to be touched by your fingertips - only then can our tree-dream connection work healing!


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